4 Easiest Methods to Remove Pubic Hair

The private parts of the female body are quite sensitive areas. It is therefore important to take good care, especially when it comes to hair removal. Which method is best for you? Here are the 4 easiest methods to remove pubic hair at home.

4 Easiest Methods to Remove Pubic Hair

The forgotten role of pubic hair

Nowadays, the majority of women remove the hair from the pubic area, but those hairs play very important role in protection of the private parts. Pubic hairs prevent bacteria, dust or dirt from entering the vagina, and protect the skin from friction.

Besides removing some hairs, some women practice full waxing of the intimate parts of the body, exposing their health to several risks. Several studies have shown that a full hair removal increases the risk of infecting sexually transmitted diseases and other infections. Moreover, unlike the skin of the legs, armpits or arms, the genital skin is extremely sensitive and easily irritated after excessive waxing or shaving.

Therefore, it is advised not to obsessively remove hair and make a pause of at least two weeks before the next waxing. And if you notice itching, the formation of a cyst or infection, consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Here are 4 well-known methods for pubic hair removal:

It is important to prepare the skin before waxing in order to avoid irritation and to prevent occurrence of ingrown hairs. For this, it is advisable to make a scrub before proceeding with these methods to soften the skin. Moreover, thoroughly hydrate the skin before hair removal and then trim the hairs so they do not break. Only then you can proceed to waxing. However, be sure to choose the method that suits you most. For example, women who are allergic to wax should use razor or electric epilator.


The shaver is the optimal method for the lazy ones! On the other hand this is the least painful and fastest method. However, it causes itching and appearance of small buttons. In addition, the razor stimulates grow of thicker hair, which grow faster. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to apply a little lemon juice after shaving to clean pores and prevent the hair to grow under the skin.

Electric epilator

Use of electric epilator is a very easy and practical method for women who prefer to avoid beauticians.

The epilator pulls the hair with the hair bulb; this method can be a little painful for those who try for the first time.

Regrowth of the hair is slow and the hair thins gradually compared to waxing.


For most patients, this method is also very effective. It refines the hair and slows the regrowth. Indeed, this method is time consuming but many women practice it.


Hot or cold, the wax is still the most effective way for thinning of the hair and slowing the regrowth. For this method, it is advisable to use beautician services, especially for the first time wax, because the wax is difficult to apply it on yourself. This way you also avoid the risk of burns. For those who prefer to remove hair at home, it is advisable to place a bag filled with ice on a pubic area before waxing, for a few minutes (max 3) to reduce pain. Make a scrub after three days to prevent the hairs grow under the skin. This method will provide you three weeks rest before pubic hairs start to grow.

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