Russian Recipe That Can Treat Varicose Veins Efficiently! Immediate Visible Results!

Up to now you must have read many recipes claiming that can efficiently treatvaricose veins, however only few of them can be truly helpful. But do not worry, in this article we shall show you a powerful recipe for treatingvaricose veins.

You must have heard about green tomatoeswhich are probably the easiest solution you can use. In addition, green tomatoes have numerous other natural benefits. This recipe is actually a Russian folk treatment that is extremely efficient in treating varicose veins, and naturally, green tomatoes are the essence of this recipe.

Green Tomatoes Treatment

  • First wash the green tomatoes and then slice them inmedium-thick slices. Apply the slices onto the afflicted area and cover it with bandage or gauze.
  • Keep tomato slicestill you start to experience a tingling sensation. When this will actually happen depends very much on the person, that is why, we cannot give you an exact time.
  • The slices should be removed when you experience a burning-like sensation. Then, rinse with cold water as it will be good for your skin.
  • The treatment needs to be repeated 4 more times, even though you will see improvements immediately after first application.
  • Apply the treatment for two weeks thereby your knots and pain will successfully vanish.

Certain experts claim that regular consumption of tomatoes prevents cancer growth and different health problems. Tomatoes are considered a great substitute for aspirins due to their potent compounds.

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