These Foods Can Be Fatal And We All Have Them In Our Kitchen!

Some foods that are included in our normal regular diet, and are probably easily found in our kitchen may have some toxicity effects when consumed in high doses, and consequently can be threat to our health. Let us see who those foods are.

These Foods Can Be Fatal And We All Have Them In Our Kitchen

Toxic food 1: Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a delicious fruit that we like to integrate in our pies or jams recipes, especially in spring. But did you know that rhubarb leaves contain oxalic acid, a component that can cause kidney stones? Only its stems are edible therefore their leaves are removed when cooked. And you need to consume about 5 kilograms of leaves for this plant to be fatal to your health. Nevertheless, smaller amounts can also cause health complications. Therefore prudence and moderation is recommended!

Toxic food 2: Nutmeg

Few people know that nutmeg actually has hallucinogen properties. If regularly used in cooking, in high doses, nutmeg can do great damage! The consumption of 5.5 grams can cause cramps, increased heart rate, and 8 grams can cause a panic attack. Moreover if you eat a whole nutmeg, it can cause serious psychotic disorders.

Toxic food 3: Potato with green color skin

How many times have you bought potatoes with green color skin? When harvested, potatoes are usually stored away from light in order prevent the skin to become green! The green color means that they are germinating and they contain glycoalkaloids, potentially toxic components. Indeed, if you consume larger quantity of these potatoes, they can cause diarrhea, coma and in very rare cases be fatal.

Toxic food 4: Almonds

There are two types of almonds: sweet and bitter. Those that have a bitter taste contain a high amount of hydrogen cyanide, one of the most dangerous poisons! Quantity 7 to 10 almonds can create serious health complications in adults and can even be fatal for children.

Toxic food 5: Tuna

Tuna is dangerous because its flesh absorbs mercury. And when mercury is ingested, it can be eliminated through the kidneys but if this is not the case, it will move into the brain where it will do serious damage. Health organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration recommend that pregnant women avoid eating tuna.

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