12 Facts That People Don’t Know About Farting!

Flatulence, also known as “farting” or “passing wind”, is the passing of gas from the digestive system out of the back passage.

Flatus is the medical word for gas generated in the intestinal tract. Medical literature describes flatulence as “flatus expelled through the anus”.Farting is commonly a source of laughter. Excessive farting can cause both enormous embarrassment and distress. Have you ever found yourself trapped in an elevator, embarrassed with the fact that you just farted and are desperately trying to hide it, while people around you wrinkle their noses and attempt to find the person who just “let one rip”?

Have you ever noticed how you’re a bit more liberal with the farts when you’re on an airplane?There is a genuine reason behind this. Research has shown how high altitude causes the gas in our bodies to expand.

It’s natural to swallow air throughout the day, normally during eating and drinking. Typically, you’ll only swallow a small amount of air. If you frequently swallow more air, you may find that you experience excessive flatulence. It may also cause burping.

Lactose – Milk’s sweet natural ingredient, also added to foods like bread and cereal. Some people are born with low levels of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, a fact that inflates their gassy susceptibility.

Farting is more to do with bacteria in the lower bowel that are particularly partial to carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in some foods cannot be broken down and absorbed in the intestine; they pass straight through to the bowel, where they are fermented by the bacteria to produce gas that comes out as farting. Beans are famous for containing large amounts of unabsorbable carbohydrate, but other foods can have the same effect.

Female farts tend to be stinkier as women have greater concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Female farts are healthier to smell.

As you’ve probably experienced firsthand many times, some farts can be pretty foul-smelling and noisy, while others easily slip below the radar. Wondering how much farting is too much? A mostly healthy person might pass gas 14–18 times per day, sometimes not even realizing it because the farts are mostly silent and odorless.Gum and soda make you fart more, therefore if you know someone who farts a lot and they drink a great deal of soda and chewing gum, hide it from them.



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