These 20 Toxic Foods Can Kill You!

Did you know that certain foods when not properly consumed can be highly toxic or even fatal? Here are 20 very dangerous foods that can kill you!

These 20 Toxic Foods Can Kill You

Toxic food 1: star fruit (Carambola)

This tropical fruit is very popular in Brazil. It is rich in antioxidants, but few people know that this fruit contains oxalate, which can cause kidney failure and gastric problems.

Toxic food 2: hot dog

This sandwich is very popular. Nevertheless, this type of food can cause choking in 17% of children under 10 years! US pediatricians recommend that parents should not give hot dogs to their children, because of its cylindrical shape.

Food toxic 3: pufferfish

Pufferfish, is very popular throughout the Mediterranean. But this fish contains toxins in the liver and genitals, which can cause paralysis and even death!

Toxic food 4: durian

Very common in Southeast Asia, this exotic fruit has a very bad smell. In Thailand, durian is considered a royal fruit. But when its consumption is combined with alcohol, it can be extremely dangerous and even deadly, especially if consumed in large quantities.

Toxic food 5: bitter almond

Did you know that consumption of 7-10 bitter almonds can be fatal? Indeed, they contain hydrogen cyanide (a highly toxic poison) that can cause death when consumed in large quantities.

Food toxic 6: rhubarb leaves

Rhubarb is a delicious fruit but the leaves are highly toxic! Only the stem of the fruit is edible not the leaves, if consumed in high doses, can cause serious health complications (vomiting, kidney stones and even death.) because they contain oxalic acid, a very toxic component.

Food toxic 7: red beans

Red beans contain a toxin called PHA, which can be very harmful in high doses. Therefore it is also necessary to boil it minimum for ten minutes before eating to remove the poison.

Food toxic 8: row cashew

Rough cashews are dangerous because they contain urushiol, an organic toxin that can cause skin allergies. Cashews are always cooked before being consumed (those sold in stores are pre-cooked).

Toxic food 9: chokeberry (aronia)

The aronia is a fruit whose appearance is very similar to blueberries. It is completely safe for consumption provided it is cooked. Eaten raw, the aronias can cause physical weakness and diarrhea.

Food toxic 10: apricot

The seeds of cherries, plums, peaches, apples and apricots contain chemicals that release cyanide into the fruit. Nevertheless, it must be consumed in large quantities to constitute a risk to health.

Food toxic 11: monkey brains

This may seem strange (or disgusting!) But this dish is very popular in Asia! The monkey brains can be eaten raw or cooked but be aware that it contains a virus that can be fatal.

Food toxic 12: cassava root

This nutty root is popular in Latin America, but it contains a large amount of cyanide and when consumed raw (or undercooked) may, in some cases, cause death.

Food toxic 13: fesikh

This fish is a traditional dish in Egypt. But it must be salty and dried in the sun at least one year before consumption because it contains bacteria that can be very harmful.

Food toxic 14: Nomura jellyfish

This Japanese dish is very toxic. The jellyfish cannot be consumed if its toxic parts are not removed correctly, otherwise it causes poisoning and death.

Food toxic 15: Casu Marzu cheese

Casu Marzu is a Sardinian cheese that literally means “rotten cheese”. Although it is not fatal, it can be very harmful to the stomach because it is full of worms! In the European Union, its marketing is prohibited.

Food toxic 16: Hákarl

Icelandic national dish (considered one of the most disgusting foods in the world), it is shark meat that was previously dried for six months. This shark has no urinary tract (expels urine through sweating), that is why its body is stuffed with toxins.

Food toxic 17: African bullfrog

The skin and organs of this frog are extremely dangerous and highly toxic (they may cause kidney damage that can be fatal). But when properly removed, this dish is a true delight in Namibia.

Toxic food 18: Sannakji

The sannakji is a very popular dish in Korea. It consists parts of live octopus, which induces a risk of choking because the tentacles can stick to the palate and throat and thus lead to death.

Food toxic 19: blood clams

Blood clams, that can be found in the China Sea, are known to cause epidemics of hepatitis (A and E). Although marketing is officially banned since 1988, they are still available in illegal markets.

Food toxic 20: Japanese fugu (pufferfish)

This Japanese fish is highly toxic. It contains a compound called tetrodotoxin, a poison 1,000 times more powerful than cyanide, and for which there is no antidote.

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