How to Detect Early Signs of Cancer on the Skin!

The first signs of cancer can sometimes be very subtle and many people tend to ignore certain symptoms such as very common aches or pains. And in the case of certain cancers, signs sometimes appear on the skin. Here are some tips to help prevent this disease.

How to Detect Early Signs of Cancer on the Skin

According to a British study published in the journal Plos One, some health problems, even the most minor, can sometimes be a sign of more serious disease, but we tend to ignore these symptoms. Although they do not indicate cancer systematically, these signs nevertheless require some attention and a visit to the doctor is required to verify your health.

The early warning signs of cancer that can occur on the skin:

Sign 1: a bump on the skin

When changes are noted in the lymphatic system, they are usually at the lymph nodes. Any bump found on your body or skin requires special medical attention. Indeed, lymph glands indicate changes in the system that can be linked to cancer. For example, a painless underarm lump is often associated with breast cancer while a lump on the groin can be a sign of leukemia (early stage).

Sign 2: bruises on the skin or excessive bleeding

In cases of leukemia, stem cells do not function normally and a decrease in red blood cells platelets is often a sign of breast cancer. Why? Because the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen is compromised because of leukemic cells that will take over the control, which leads to blood coagulation disorders. If you notice bruising in the fingers or palms, red-purple spots on the face, neck and chest, consult your doctor.

Sign 3: change in appearance of the nails

Any unusual change in the appearance of your nails, which is not due to a particular physical trauma, can indicate several types of cancer. First, the sign may be associated with skin cancer that can manifest itself with a series of brown or black spots under the nails, while lung cancer is reported by clubbing (deformation of the end of fingers and nails). We often speak of “drumsticks fingers”, when the nails are bent with enlarged knuckles. Even liver cancer can sometimes be indicated by pain in the fingers that may become pale or white.

Sign 4: red, painful and/or swollen breasts

Breast cancer is usually characterized by red, painful and/or swollen breasts. If you notice a change in the appearance of your breasts, you should have a medical examination immediately.

Sign 5: changes in the nipples

In most cases of breast cancer, one of the first signs found by most patients before being diagnosed is a change in appearance of the nipple, which has a flattened shape, or inverted so that deviates toward the inside.

Sign 6: swollen face

A swollen face can also be a sign associated with lung cancer. Why? Lung Tumors block blood vessels in the chest, preventing the free flow of blood in the face. Many lung cancer patients have puffiness, swelling and redness in the face.

Sign 7: wound that does not heal, becomes thick and/or bleeds easily

Different cases of skin cancer, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are usually characterized by abnormal changes seen on the skin.

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