Say Stop to Hemorrhoids and All That Goes With It: Pain, Bleeding, Itching and Swelling!

Natural medicine offers extremely effective methods against hemorrhoids and the problems they create such as bleeding, pain and swelling. Here are the best home made remedies and most useful tips to help you get rid of all this.

Say Stop to Hemorrhoids and All That Goes With It


Use nutmeg to prepare a homemade hemorrhoids cure: prepare an ointment made of grated nutmeg mixed with some oil. Just apply the ointment on the hemorrhoids.

Hot bath

You must take a bath for 15 to 20 minutes three times a week at least to alleviate the sensation of tingling and swelling and clean the crevices of the anus and hemorrhoids. This method is also very beneficial in case of external hemorrhoids.

This technique should be applied after the stool. Fill your bath tub with hot water to which you add Epsom salt, Himalayan or sea salt.

Garlic cloves

This method produces no burning, but numbness of the treated area. Blend a few garlic cloves with a little olive oil or coconut. Then put the mixture in the freezer, so you can use it when needed. Let’s be clear, it will be painful, but it’s effective.

Witch hazel

Many people confirm the effectiveness of this method: apply a little witch hazel on the affected area, using cotton, a soft cloth. You need to reapply witch hazel three times a day, and once you’re relieved, you can reduce the number of applications in a day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its powerful healing and soothing properties. Simply massage the affected area with aloe vera using cotton, a soft or just your fingers. Repeat three times a day until you feel an improvement.

Ice cubes

The ice cubes can be used in two ways: either you press your external hemorrhoids, or you insert small ice cubes in your anus to reduce swelling.

Stool softeners

Stool softeners are really helpful: they prevent constipation, facilitating defecation.

Foods rich in fiber

It is the oldest way to cure hemorrhoids. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables and raw, whole grains, and a significant amount of fibers that have an emollient effect. It is worth to note that increased consumption of these foods should be done gradually to avoid the risk of diarrhea or irritation of the intestines.

Clean underwear

Remember that you must always put on clean underwear and change it frequently. If you have bleeding or leakage, other small incidents may occur, which is why you should always have with you spare underwear. It is also important that they are large enough in order to avoid sweating, and cotton to avoid itching.

Regular exercise

You must maintain some physical activity to improve your digestion and avoid the delays of intestinal movement. You will not have to run a marathon, a hike or walk will be sufficient.

Change clothes frequently

Change clothes frequently, especially pants! You might need to change frequently, because there could be leakage of blood, feces or mucus secret on your clothes. If these secret dry, they present the perfect conditions for the multiplication of the disease that will be easily transmitted to any person who has the misfortune to sit on the seat you just used.

Drink water

Aside from its important role of hydration, body needs water to prevent hardening of feces, so it is essential drink enough water every day. However, you should eliminate sodas and soft drinks, as well as with caffeine content, since they are great source of dehydration. If you want to add a little flavor to your glass of water, you can just add few pieces of fresh fruit, such as lemon or orange.


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