Avoid Eating Tilapia or Other Farmed Fish

To protect your health and enjoy the benefits of eating fish safely, here are some valuable tips.

We all know that fish is good for health, given the fact it contains important vitamins, minerals, protein, omega-3, etc., basically everything the body needs. Usually it is true, but everything depends on the origin of fish. A single goal of farmed fish production in fish farms is the sale. Take for example the Tilapia, which is one of the most popular farmed fish in America and most consumed in recent years: its consumption might do more harm than good. This is also the case of farmed salmon, cod and catfish.

Avoid Eating Tilapia or Other Farmed Fish

Why farmed fish is dangerous?

When levels of omega-3 and omega-6 are very different, it can cause inflammation that may lead to heart disease, asthma or other chronic diseases. Farmed Tilapia has this inflammatory potential because its level of omega-3 is much lower than in other fish. This is what has been proven by research conducted by the Wake Forest University, who say that the inflammatory potential of tilapia exceeds that of the hamburger and pork.

In addition, fish in fish farms have high concentrations of antibiotics and pesticides. Why? You will be surprised! They are given antibiotics to help them survive and pesticides to combat sea lice. It is also common knowledge that farmed fish from China are the worst because, in addition to antibiotics and pesticides, food in general is unhealthy. According to the Economic Research Service, they are fed with poultry and pigs excrement – this has not being confirmed so far.

In addition to this researchers confirmed presence of harmful chemicals in farmed fish, including dioxins, known to be carcinogenic, and whose level is 11 times higher than in wild fish; and dibutyltins impacting the immune system and weakens it.

The Seafood Watch is sounding the alarm and calls for vigilance in terms of food choices.

What should be done?

The label on the packaging may not be correct and some foods are not required to mention the origin of the food. There are no longer labeling whether the fish is organic or genetically modified. This is why you need to be doubly vigilant. Do not buy food whose label is not completely visible. Prefer wild fish!

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