How This Girl Who Hated Gym Class Lost 11% of Its Fat

Before: 61 kilos

After: 50 kilos

The lifestyle

I’ve never been fat, but I have never led a healthy life. I hated gym class and I’ve never done any sport. My idea of ​​exercise was walking to the supermarket to buy a packet of crisps.

How This Girl Who Hated Gym Class Lost 11% of Its Fat

Even though my family ate only cooked meals at home, my mother prepared many traditional Mexican dishes with a lot of oil.

On a top of it, I work in a restaurant, so I used to eat whatever I wanted all the time; be it a pizza or chips 23 hours a day, I did not care.

The Change

When my colleague and friend started playing sports at Fit Body Boot Camp, she become so good-looking! She said she had more energy and felt happier. So for the first time, I thought I could bring myself to exercise.

I started going to classes with her and I liked how people were friendly. We were doing the exercise on different devices for 45 minutes high intensity intervals. I loved having the coaches to show me what to do. I did not feel lost.

During the first five weeks, I trained twice a week. But when I started to lose weight and feel better, I went to three sessions per week. After a few months, it had become five or more per week – and in fact, I looked forward to these sweating sessions!

On Fridays, we trained with a partner, so I used to choose someone I knew and would drive him to do strength exercises or extra jumping jack. Having a group support was crucial for me to stay motivated.

I also met the Fit Body Boot Camp coaches that have taught me more about how to eat healthy. I started with small changes, like swapping sodas with water and started drinking my coffee without whipped cream and extra sugar. I started eating a yogurt and a piece of fruit for breakfast instead of toast. Then started thinking about what was I feeling before grabbing a bag of chips or open the refrigerator. If I were hungry, I ate. If I was bored, I found something else to do.

The reward

Two years after starting with sports, I have a completely different lifestyle. I’m still in the Fit Body Boot Camp almost every day and I lost 11 kilos, and 11% body fat.

I used to refuse any idea of ​​sports, but now it’s my favorite way to relieve my stress. You go, you sweat, and you emerge refreshed.

I gave birth to my daughter a few months ago and I almost lost 20 kilos that I gained during my pregnancy. In fact, I continued to do sports (not at the same level, of course) until the day of delivery.

Even just having had my baby, I feel full of energy. Healthier life make me helped realize that I can handle whatever life throws at me.

Diana’s advice

Do not let laziness hold you. I always said I was not sporty, but it is certain that I was lazy. Of course, it is easier to sit on the couch, but that does not make you feel as alive as playing sports.

When I have a bad day, I exhaust my frustration at the gym. I challenge myself to do more jumping jacks. I do not do it because I have to, but because it relieves me of stress.

Pay attention to small changes. I have not changed my diet or abandoned all the foods I love. I took my time to develop better habits and enjoy what I eat.

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