Simple Asian Diet that Prevents Breast Cancer

In Asian countries breast cancer is much less common than in Europe and America.

According to the researchers this is due to the typical Asian diet – less fat and meat and more soy. Therefore, they argue that the most rational means of protection against breast cancer is a change in diet.
Simple Asian Diet that Prevents Breast Cancer

Avoid alcohol. The more alcohol you intake, the more risk you take. Alcohol prevents the liver to throw out the excess estrogen. But scientists have found that high levels of this hormone in the body is a prerequisite for the development of cancer.

Beware of fats! Diet high in animal fats (butter, cheese, etc.) stimulates the production of estrogen. Unfortunately, the slight reduction in their consumption doesn’t cause a particular effect. It is best almost to opt out of these products.

Use only sunflower oil or olive oil. They contain fats that don’t harm the body as much as the animal fats do. Monitoring of 2000 women in Greece has led to the conclusion that in those who consume olive oil more than 1 time per day, the risk of disease is 25 percent less than the others who use it less frequently.

Fatty fish is beneficial. In some fish species can be found a substance known as omega-3 fatty acid. Studies were conducted in mice that were injected with cancer cells from the human mammary gland, and then were treated with the above mentioned acid. The results showed that mice developed a much less invasive cancer formations.

Eat soy! Soy products contain a lot of phytoestrogens, naturally occurring chemicals that greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer. They are attached to the estrogen receptor and it removes it from the body. And as has been repeatedly emphasized, estrogen is something like “fuel” for breast cancer. Women from those areas of the world where soy is consumed in greater quantities, much more rarely suffer from this disease. It is good to put on your table, 1-2 times a day, a soy product.

Add linen seed to your diet. It contains lignan – a substance that help the body fight breast cancer. Some studies suggest that flaxseed slows the progression of the disease. Grind the seed in a coffee grinder and powder the dishes, salads, cereals. Flaxseed oil is not appropriate in this case because it contains very little lignan.

Eat fruits and vegetables with strong colors. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamin C and beta-carotene, which are also “fighters” against cancer. This applies to the most strongly colored of them – orange, yellow, red and green fruits and vegetables (oranges, pears, spinach, red peppers).

Cabbage and broccoli also contain a number of chemicals that suppress the production of estrogen.

The research is clear – women who consume lots of fruits and vegetables are in the group of least risk of breast cancer. Try to buy fruits and vegetables grown ecologically, untreated with chemicals because some of them, as already mentioned, have identical estrogen action.

Give up refined white flour. The high content of fiber in the diet helps the body to get rid of excess estrogen. Cellulose helps regulate the weight because it creates a feeling of satiety and contains very few calories. Prefer brown rather than white rice and pasta made from whole rather than refined white flour.

Eat garlic. It stimulates the immune system and is a wonderful mean of defense against many types of cancer, including breast cancer. Try to consume minimum 3 cloves of garlic a day or take garlic capsules.

Drink green tea! In Asian countries women drink lots of green tea and suffer much less from breast cancer and other types of cancers as well. The possible protection that it apparently gives is due to the high content of polyphenols. These substances are also contained in the black tea, but in much smaller quantities.

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