The Danette May Method: Change your Body in 28 Days!

Accept this challenge – change your body and improve your health in just 28 days with Danette May method (VIDEO)

The Danette May Method Change your Body in 28 Days

Danette May is a globally popular supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Her tips helped many celebrates get in shape quickly and helped to improve the health of thousands of her followers around the world.

From the video which you can watch at the end of the article, you will understand what will happen to your body if you take the challenge for only 28 days to drink every morning cup of warm water with lemon.

We all know the benefits of starting your day with a cup of hot water and lemon. Some even tried to take care of their health and good body line with citric water, but have endured a week, maximum two…

Danet Mae shared the 28-day challenge on YouTube, by her objective is more people to join the experiment, which will provide incredible results in several aspects.

Lemon is powerful in eliminating toxins from the body (because it is alkaline food). Hot lemon water will literally wake up every cell of your body. It will give you a healthy body free of toxins. Lemon water will help you lose weight because it cleanses the liver and stimulates the ability of such an important and useful organ to get rid of unnecessary and ill fat cells.

With this challenge your metabolism will improve, your body will not retain fluid and you will have less bloating. You will be much healthier, more energetic and happy!


What should you do?

It’s very simple. Warm slightly a cup of pre-boiled water. Then squeeze the juice of one lemon. Stir and then drink in a single gulp.

Note: You should always use organic lemons and should avoid using cold water (use warm or room temperature water). Danette May advises people who have gastritis or ulcers to take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking the lemon water.

Watch the video and find out more about the 28-day challenge of Danette May.


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