Your Ideal Weight According To Your Height

There is a lack of understanding when it comes to your ideal weight that corresponds to your height! For example, many people think that 65 kg is the weight that best corresponds to 160cm height, but this idea is far from reality!

In addition to being a figure problem, obesity can pose a serious health threat, since it can cause many problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, hyperglycemia, etc. The weight chart below will help you determine your ideal weight to your height.

BMI or Body Mass Index is the most common method to determine your ideal weight. According to health experts, what is missing in this method is the fact that each person has a different body shape. Take, for example, women who are slender and, those with heavier build!

It is also important to have in mind that your weight is not always proportional to your health. A balanced diet and regular physical activity must be taken into account while calculating the ideal weight, because losing weight by dieting will also make you lose muscle mass, which will make much more harm than good.

The table below shows you your ideal weight range based on your height:

Your Ideal Weight According To Your Height


Overweight is an evil that we hear about on every street corner, especially expressed with the development of the fast food industry and fast pace of modern life, which leaves us less and less time to eat slowly and cook healthily, or time for regular practice of physical activity. This, without neglecting the health problems, can lead to unintentional weight gain and many disorders such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, immune disorders, bulimia or even depression.

The consequences of overweight on the body are numerous, ranging from joint pain to heart and cardiovascular diseases. According to global statistics, obesity produces the same damage as that of smoking and as consequence annual mortality rate reaches 2.8 million people.

To give a little boost to people wishing to lose weight, we offer a natural recipe that will help you lose fat mass, healthily and naturally, thanks to its fat-burning ingredients rich in antioxidants, which stimulate the metabolism.

Weight lose recipe


  • ¾ cup of coconut oil
  • ½ cup honey (use the same cup for measurements)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa (optional)


Mix the ingredients until smooth, then pour the mixture into a glass jar.

Just add one to two teaspoons of this mixture to your morning cup of coffee while it’s still hot. Stir for a few seconds and enjoy!


The underweight, despite attractive appearance, remains as dangerous as being overweight. Caused by various factors such as systemic diseases, drug addiction, alcoholism, malnutrition, depression, anorexia or even physical violence, can have adverse effects on our health.

Moreover, fashion widely promoted by the media greatly contributes to a distorted image of ideal weight and physical look, pushing some people (especially teenagers) to adopt bad habits to get slim (by excessive physical activity, too much dieting, or even to induce vomiting after a meal). Weight loss that results by these unhealthy habits can cause a state of chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, anemia, dehydration, and even heart problems which may be fatal.

This is why psychological therapy is desirable to help the person. Here we propose a natural recipe with fenugreek to offset the loss of appetite, often expressed in underweight people.


Just take a maximum of 10 fenugreek seeds with a full glass of water every morning to increase the appetite and start gaining weight.

However, pregnant women should avoid fenugreek that can cause uterine contractions and therefore lead to a miscarriage.

Finally, we advise overweight as well as underweight people, to do a medical evaluation to identify potential malfunctions of the body and then to treat them, in addition to adopting a healthy, balanced diet rich in natural products and without processed foods; remembering to follow a moderate sports program, preferably with the help of a coach, to promote fat loss while preserving muscle mass or in case of underweight to promote muscle gain.

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