110-year-old American Reveals the 3 Secrets to Long Life!

Agnes Fenton enjoys a long life

Long life – how to achieve it? An American woman named Aggie gives strange advice – she states that the secret of longevity is alcohol. Inhabitant of the US state of New Jersey Agnes Fenton, celebrated her 110th birthday on August 1 last year, for 70 years, every day she drank three beers and a shot of whiskey.
110-year-old American Reveals the 3 Secrets to Long Life

Besides her alcohol based diet, Fenton also recommends that people need to sleep more and pray.

“I don’t regret anything and thank God for the long and good life!” According to the centenarians doctor Kenneth Wasserman his patient has an enviable health for her age.

“It’s just amazing – says the doctor. – Without going into details, Fenton still has good eyesight and hearing, often reads books and listens to the news.”

And throughout her life Agnes had not complained about her health. Only once in her life she had a serious health problem – a benign tumor. Her doctors advised her to drink more beer, which turns to be her secret for longevity.

Over the past 70 years Aggie, as her friends call this merry old woman, had three beers a shot of whiskey every day.

Fenton doesn’t know exactly if this alcohol diet has helped her live to such an advanced age, but she really believes in it. Besides beer her diet includes green beans, her favorite chicken wings and sweet potatoes. These products can’t be considered very useful, but the woman is not willing to exclude them from her diet. Moreover, this American lady sleeps a lot and prays.

“When I was 100 years old, I stood before the mirror and thanked God I’m still alive. Since then I thank him every morning – said Fenton. – He gave me a long and good life and I have nothing to complain about. In life you have to have God present. If you don’t have God, you have nothing. “

Over the past five years, Fenton takes an active part in gerontological research where experts study the characteristics of people over a hundred years. Note that from 7 billion people living in the world, only about 600 people (one in ten million) live to 110 years.

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