Why L-carnitine is Necessary for Weight Loss?

What is L-carnitine and why it is necessary for weight loss?

What is L-carnitine?
How does it help to body fat? How to choose the right dose to be in good shape?
L-carnitine is a compound of two amino acids – lysine and methionine, a popular type of sports nutrition for weight loss containing nitrogen, providing increased endurance and relieves stress. Physiologically, L-carnitine works as a “firestarter”.

Why L-carnitine is Necessary for Weight Loss

What is L-carnitine and why it is necessary for weight loss?

Keep in mind – it’s not just a weight loss pill. L-carnitine is need to burn more calories during the workout.

Using it for Weight Loss
Your trainer may recommend taking L-carnitine, if the purpose of the current training is weight loss or weight control. Regular fitness exercises with maximum loads require durability; the stress on the cardiovascular system is increased and also some eating habits must be changed.

The results don’t come immediately.

L-carnitine, in contrast to the popular diuretics for weight loss, accelerates weight loss by converting fat into energy and reduces the fat stored in the body, and the result is permanent.
Fat burning with active workouts gives optimum results!

Furthermore, the intake of L-carnitine reduces oxidative stress, improves cholesterol levels in the blood and the work of the heart muscle.

L-carnitine not only reduces fatigue, but also suppresses appetite.

The fat burning process with L-carnitine can be combined with stronger complex drugs – thermogenics that contribute to increased consumption of calories and strict control of appetite.

It is also important to know that L-carnitine improves tissue regeneration, and thus accelerates their recovery, and helps to strengthen the bones.

L- carnitine is actually synthesized in the liver and kidneys, it can be found in dairy products, meat, vegetables and nuts.

From food we only get about 100-200 mg of L-carnitine.

Today, the approximate daily dose is 500-2000 mg per day.

But if you exercise you need 1500-1800 mg per day. The surplus does not accumulate and it is easily removed. However, more than 3000 mg per day of L-carnitine is undesirable, as the substance has side effects.

Anyway, before taking this product, you should consult a doctor.
The most common side effects are – individual intolerances, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders.

The consumption of L-carnitine should be on an empty stomach in the morning and just before the workout. The rule of thumb is – an hour before physical activity.

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