Massage This Point For 5 Minutes Before Bedtime, The Results Will Amaze You!

The San Yin Jiao point (Point SP6 or Spleen 6) – is extremely important for traditional Chinese medicine, and specifically to acupuncture. This is the point of intersection of three Yin meridians: kidney, spleen and liver, where are the major blood manufacture and storage organs. Here are some insights into the benefits of this amazing massage!

Massage This Point For 5 Minutes Before Bedtime, The Results Will Amaze You

This is a massage with multiple and amazing benefits especially for women who, most of the time, suffer from stress, lack of sleep and chronic fatigue, which obviously reflects the quality of skin and general appearance.

Moreover, this point is considered at the gynecological point because it solves several problems such as female hormonal disorders, menstrual pain and even frigidity.

So to get a harmonious body, glowing skin and enjoy several other benefits, be sure to massage the Point SP6. It is located four finger space above the ankle in the depression under the bone (tibia).

How to proceed?

Before you begin, you must absolutely find the SP6 point whose exact location is crucial for this massage. To do this, place four fingers, just above the inside of your ankle. Generally, the point is slightly below your index finger. Once found, apply a little pressure on the area behind your tibia, and begin to massage without releasing the pressure.

Continue to massage this point for 5 minutes, then switch legs and do the same. You can practice this massage at any time of day, but for best results, it is advisable to do it just before going to bed, allowing you a good quality sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

The Point SP6 massage can give you many benefits, here are a few:

Improves skin elasticity 

This massage stimulates the spleen to work effectively and eliminate toxins from the body, then strengthens the muscles, helps to improve skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles and treats skin diseases such as dermatitis or eczema.

Affects libido

The San Yin Jiao point massage also treats hormonal disorders, boosts sexual desire and helps women regain all their sensitivity and sensuality. In man this massage helps to treat sexual impotence and premature ejaculation.

Gives stability of gastrointestinal tract

Massage of the Point SP6 can help you get rid of bloating and can treat several digestive problems by stimulating the functioning of the spleen, and consequently eliminate toxins.

Supports the work of ovaries and uterus

The massage of the San Yin Jiao point stimulates the functioning of the ovaries and uterus, which makes it very beneficial for women who want to become pregnant. By cons, it is not recommended to be practiced by women during pregnancy.

But at the time of delivery, they can have a massage or even a acupuncture of this point to improve the efficiency of Point SP6. Moreover, research conducted by Chinese Academy of Sciences proved that the simulation of San Yin Jiao point during childbirth can increase the magnitude and frequency of contractions, and facilitates the birth.

Supports good menstrual cycle

Massage the SP6 Point can improve the menstrual cycle in women, and in many cases, it also relieves menstrual cramps.

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