This Traditional Remedy is Effective Against Menstrual and Abdominal Pain!

It is winter and you can not get rid of your cold, flu or cough? You have abdominal and muscle pain? Ladies, you can not stand to be folded in half every month because of menstrual cramps? We have found an effective natural remedy that will relieve all pain, with minimal effort.

This Traditional Remedy is Effective Against Menstrual and Abdominal Pain

Just take some cotton, soak it in 50% alcohol, squeeze it to remove excess, and place it on your navel. You can cover it with plastic – wrapped plastic wrap around the waist, for example – a dressing, bandage or a cloth.

Located in the middle of our abdomen, and formerly responsible for our food, our navel is connected to the liver, and down to the bladder. It is also located between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, and innervated by the tenth pair of intercostal nerves which innervate also the greater part of the thoracic and abdominal wall.

The properties of alcohol

Alcohol has calming and analgesic properties of, as well as vasodilatory capacity, that is to say, opens the blood vessels of the treated area, thereby remedying local inflammation.

This traditional remedy is very effective to relax muscles and relieve pain. This is why you can use it after a day of hard work to relax your muscles and enjoy a good time relaxing. In reality, the greatest benefits of this natural remedy are treatment-related muscle pain, inflammation, colds and flu.

These two diseases occurring in winter are usually viral and cause a state of severe fatigue in the patient who may also suffer from many other more or less painful symptoms, such as headaches, sore throats, the cough, fever and a runny nose.

So instead of running to the nearest pharmacy, try this simple and effective remedy that is more effective and less dangerous than all the drugs that are usually used. It can also be used to treat children who are very sensitive to these diseases, since it is natural and does not possesses the risks of drugs that destroy our immune system.

Women suffering from dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation can also use this technique to relieve the pain, they just have to put the alcohol swab on their navel and press gently. According to statistics, dysmenorrhea is a phenomenon that affects between 50% and 80% of fertile women.

You can also relief abdominal pain and sickness using the same method, but for greater efficiency, sprinkle some salt on the cotton pad before placing it on your navel.

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