Sure Signs that you are Ovulating

Signs of ovulation are different for all women. Some women always know when they are ovulating, while others need to calculate their calendar.

Whether trying to get pregnant or not to get pregnant, it’s important to know exactly when you are ovulating and see what are the monthly signs that your bodies exhibits.

Sure Signs that you are Ovulating

Changes in cervical mucus

Since our body is in the process of granting an egg for fertilization, it prepares favorable environment for the sperm. Cervical mucus becomes wet and stretchable like egg white and helps the sperm to move more easily. The change in the flow is quite remarkable.


Some women, but not all, have smudges during the ovulation, which is believed to be caused by an egg broken by follicle during ovulation. If you are one of those women, you may notice brown mucus or blood 10 to 14 days before you expect your next period.

Cramps and pain

One of the most common signs of ovulation is pain or cramps on one side of the pelvis. The difference between this pain and menstrual pain is that the ovulation pain is only on one side of the pelvis, because it is caused by the release of the egg.

Increased libido

You can’t stop thinking about sex? If you notice increased interest in sexual activity, this is quite natural. When our body is in a procreative period it is quite normal to have sharpened our fertilization senses.

Super sensitivity

Some women during ovulation have sharper senses than usual especially for taste, smell and vision. Keep track of your senses and you can tell when you’re ovulating.


This sign is more difficult to track, but it is a very accurate indicator of when you are most fertile. Record temperature every morning after waking up and track the changes. The rise in temperature indicates that ovulation has occurred.

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