Extraordinary Smoothie That Burns Abdominal Fat Faster Than Other Smoothies

Beside the fact that influences your idea of a good locking figure; abdominal fat is a real health hazard. For a flat stomach, you have to basically eat foods known for their slimming properties.

Extraordinary Smoothie That Burns Abdominal Fat Faster Than Other Smoothies

The best option is to drink fresh fruit smoothies, but you need to know to select the right fruits.

Raspberries are very effective to burn fat and get a flat stomach fast. This fruit is rich in fiber and pectin which provide a feeling of satiety.

Another fruit you should consume as much as possible is the grapefruit, ideal for losing belly fat. Grapefruit removes toxins from the body and promotes the loss of fat cells naturally.

Pears and apples are also excellent for weight loss. A skin of a medium pear contains about 5.5g fiber and only 100 calories, while the apple contains 4.4 g of fibers and about 90 calories. Both fruits are good for snack, and help to control the urge to snack junk food.

Apples and pears contain a healthy dose of flavonoids that help to burn abdominal fat. In one study, published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that women who often eat apples and pears increase utilization of essential materials (calories) and the rate at which fat is burned.

Pomegranate juice can also help lose extra fat.

All these foods are tasty, nutritious and effective to burn abdominal fat and have a flat stomach.

Here’s how to prepare a smoothie made from these natural ingredients. This is fresh and tasty smoothie that will actually help you lose belly fat.


  • ½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 1/3 cup pomegranate juice
  • ½ apple
  • ½ pear
  • 1 grapefruit


Cut the fruits into pieces and put them in the blender. Blend well and your sliming smoothie is ready.

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