Never Keep These Items In Your Bathroom, They Carry Millions Of Germs!

In case you did not know, germs and bacteria are ubiquitous in our house! It seems that these bacteria are particularly fond of the bathroom where they survive successfully because of the humidity. But germs represent a serious health threat, hence the importance of vigilant maintenance and hygiene of the bathroom and the objects in it!

Never Keep These Items In Your Bathroom

Here are 5 items and/or products to never keep too long in your bathroom.

Wet towels

You should know that your towels, when wet, are home to many germs and bacteria, including Salmonella and Escherichia coli (E. coli), bacteria that are particularly harmful to health. In fact, wet towels encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. The result: they will start to get an unpleasant smell after a few days. What you need to do is make sure to dry your towels after each use, especially if your bathroom is a closed space with no windows and no ventilation system. Also make sure to change your towels as often as possible for optimal hygiene.

Makeup brushes and cosmetics

Makeup brushes are objects that are in direct contact with skin. As they are often exposed to moisture and heat, they are an ideal environment for the growth and proliferation of germs and bacteria. If these brushes are not regularly cleaned, they can easily cause infections or skin diseases. You can clean them by soaking in warm water mixed with baking soda and then dry them on the sun.

Also, if you keep your nail polish, eye shadow, foundation and mascara, in your bathroom, they will quickly deteriorate due to sudden changes in temperature and hot steam that comes from the shower. That’s a good reason to keep your cosmetics in a cool, well ventilated place (on room temperature).


These personal hygiene items very commonly contain thousands of bacteria due to the humidity in the bathroom. Moreover, dentists recommend changing the toothbrush every three months. But to prevent proliferation of germs, remember to always place your toothbrush vertically, so it dries in an open air. Furthermore, if you keep several toothbrushes in the same container, make sure there is a distance of 3 cm between each brush to prevent the spread of these germs.


Razor blades can easily get rusty due to moisture. Should you notice any rust on your razor, it should never come in contact with your skin and you have to throw them immediately in the trash! To keep the razors longer, be sure to rinse them under hot water after each use, dry them thoroughly and do not keep them near the shower or tub.


Most people tend to keep their medication in a medicine cabinet hanged on the wall in their bathroom, but it is the worst place to keep your medicines! Indeed, your pills, ointments and other medication tablets should be stored away from heat and humidity of the bathroom because they can lose their effectiveness before the expiry date. Moreover, pharmacists say aspirin when in contact with moisture can cause inflammation in the stomach (if it is kept in a warm, moist environment). To prevent these inconveniences, keep your medicines in a cool, dry place. Also, you should know that when drugs change color or textures are no longer beneficial to health so you need to throw them away.

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